Registration Fee
Categories Students Professionals
Presentation & Publication 520 USD 600 USD
Presentation Only 380 USD 400 USD
Audience 250 USD 300 USD
Audience (Onsite payment) 300 USD 350 USD
Extra Pages 60 USD / Page 60 USD / Page
Additional Paper 380 USD 380 USD
Extra Proceedings 60 USD / Piece 60 USD / Piece
Social Program 100 USD / Person 100 USD / Person

*Student rate is given to the author(s) of a paper whose first author and presenter are a student with requirement to show their student card(s).
*When a paper exceeds Five pages, additional pages will be chargeable.
*Each paid registration covers only one paper; you can pay Extra Paper Charges for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.
*Accompanying person needs to register as audience to attend the conference.
*Please note that the paid registration fee cannot be refund if the participants cannot attend the conference due to their own reason.
*Onsite registration is only applicable to
audience. In order to prepare materials for the onsite registrants in advance, please send us the filled registration form before January 9, 2020 regardless of the payment time.
*No fund can be allowed if you can't attend the conference because of personal reason. 30% of your registration fee will be charged if you want to have the refund when you can't get the visa before
December 20,2019.

Safety Notice
1. In order to keep our authors' property safety, every participant should wear personal name card during the conference.
2. Non-participants are not allowed to enter the conference without permission.
3, Please keep all your belongings at any time. The organizer of the conference and the staff onsite will not undertake any responsibility if you lost your personal effects.

Payment Methods
1. Credit Card (Recommended)
Online payment link is Listed in the registration form

2. Paypal (+30 USD service charge)
Our paypal account is available in the
registration form

3. Bank Transfer (+30 USD service charge)
If you cannot pay with credit card or paypal, please contact us at for bank details.

Payment Receipt
When the registration confirmed, we will issue the official receipt of your payment, you will receive the hard copy receipt together with all conference materials at the conference spot.
* If you need the receipt before the conference date, we can send you the scanned verion or post you the hard copy (You need to cover the postage)